Stomatologic x-ray film of D-SPEED – a class of sensitivity “D”.

In packing of 100 frames

This film is made of blue polyester of low density.

Intended for all types of intra oral diagnostics.

Identical high quality of pictures when processing in the manual / automatic way, using standard chemical reactants.

The double layer of an emulsion covers a film, the film is in protective paper with addition of a leaf of a lead foil which minimizes the return dispersion of radiation and leads to improvement of quality of the image and decrease in the received dose by the patient.

The film is placed in thermally packed vinyl envelope.


  • Images with high contrast
  • It is processed as manually, and in all types pro-attendance cars
  • Long time of storage of ready pictures

The recommended chemical reactants: CARESTREAM DENTAL X-RAY (concentrates), RAPID (fast action) or READYMATIC (avtomaticheky processing)


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