Based on zinc oxide, calcium phosphate, eugenol, diiodine thymol
Indications for use:
Filling prepared root canals using gutta-percha points
Filling root canals in particular medical cases without gutta-percha points
Unique sealer for filling canals with gutta-percha points by lateral condensation method
Significant periapical sensibility reduction (contains dexamethasone – 0.01%, hydrocortisone acetate -1.00%)
Easily mixed and remains flexible during 2-3 hours
Strong bactericidal effect owing to diiodine thymol
Dense canals and microtubules filling (film thickness 3-5 µm)
Low solubility (0,5%) guarantees a long service of root filling
plastic jar (14 g), bottle with a pipette-cap (10 ml), measuring spoon, mixing pad


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