Prescribing information: EZ-Cure should be administered into the periodontal pocket twice, with an interval of two days. Dose is individual, depending upon the number of teeth to be treated. 1gm of gel is sufficient for the treatment of pockets of approx. 20 teeth . The gel is administerted by means of a syringe provided, with two blunt needles. Use each needle during one session of treatment only. Instructions for use: 1- Remove the protective cover at the end of plastic applicator and attach needle to the applicator. 2- Carefully move the needle down to the bottom of the pocket and push gel into the pocket until gel is visible at the gingival margin. 3- Repeat this procedure for all treated pockets. 4- When application is completed; dispose of the needle according to current regulations for contaminated materials. The applicator with remaining gel is recapped and stored with patient’s name. The second needle is used on the patient during the second and final treatment. Dispose of both the plastice applicator, which may contain unused gel, and second needle due to the risk of microbial contamination. 5- Normal dental hygiene can be observed, but dental floss, interdental brushes, and toothpicks should not be used after treatment for one week. EZ-Cure is used by dental professionals only. keep it in room temperature-For individual use only. Made in Egypt


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