Occlufast Rock



Features of Occlufast Rock by Zhermack:

  • Occlufast Rock from Zhermack is a silicone additive for bite registration.
  • Addition silicone with high hardness after setting (95 ShoreA) to avoid incorrect repositioning of the models in the laboratory.
  • Setting time: 1 minute.
  • Time of permanence in the mouth: 60 seconds.
  • Dimensional stability of Occlufast Rock: -0.05% at 24 hours.
  • Registration accuracy:2 microns.
  • High thixotropy for non-drip positioning in the arch.
  • It can be milled to remove the excess material from the addition silicone.
  • Content:
    • 2 x 50 ml cartridges.
    • 12 green mixing tips.


  • Intermaxillary registration for centric, protrusive, retrusive, or lateral occlusion.
  • Gnathological assessment.
  • Diagnostic evaluation of cranio-cervicomandibular irregularities.
  • Orthodontic centric occlusion.
  • Occlusal records of maximum intercuspidation.


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