Tetric n ceram



Nano-hybrid composite Kit

Kit 4 Syringe x 3.5g (A1 & A2 & A3 & B2) & 6g Bond & 2g Etchant

Made in Liechtenstein



The nano-hybrid composite Tetric N-Ceram enjoys great popularity. Dentists appreciate the straightforward application method and the fact that the material blends in seamlessly with the remaining tooth structure.


Tetric N-Ceram is available in eleven universal shades, which can be combined with three Dentin materials, one highly translucent material or three Bleach shades, depending on the requirements.

Amazing adaptation 

The universal materials of the Tetric N-Ceram assortment demonstrate what is known as a chameleon effect. This is due to their low translucency of 11-12.5 percent, their special filler technology and their nanoparticulate shade pigments. Consequently, the materials can be used in many different situations. Only in cases of large fillings or severely stained tooth structure is the additional application of an opaque Tetric N-Ceram Dentin material necessary.

Example of how to layer a Class IV cavity with shade A2


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